Automation Systems

Automation Systems streamline your weighing and measuring processes, integrating advanced software and devices for optimal efficiency. Tailored for diverse industrial applications, these systems enhance precision, speed, and data management in your operations.


Balances bring unparalleled accuracy to your most sensitive weighing needs, ideal for laboratory and pharmaceutical applications. Combining precision with ease of use, these balances are essential for tasks where every milligram counts.

Bench Scales

Bench Scales offer versatile and precise weighing solutions for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Compact yet powerful, these scales ensure accuracy and efficiency in everything from inventory management to quality control.

Counting Scales

Counting Scales are designed for accuracy and ease, perfect for inventory management and stock control in various sectors. Their precision and user-friendly features make counting tasks quick, reliable, and error-free.

Crane Scales

Crane Scales provide robust and precise weighing solutions for heavy-duty industrial applications. Ideal for construction and shipping industries, these scales ensure safety and accuracy in measuring large loads.

Floor Scales

Floor Scales are engineered for durability and precision, handling the toughest industrial weighing tasks with ease. Their robust design and high capacity make them ideal for warehouses, manufacturing, and logistics applications.

Forklift Scales

Enhance your material handling efficiency with Forklift Scales, offering on-the-go weighing and seamless integration. Ideal for warehouses and manufacturing, they transform forklifts into mobile weighing stations, optimizing operations.

Hazardous Material Scales

Hazardous Material Scales ensure safe, precise weighing in challenging environments, ideal for chemical and hazardous material handling. Their robust design and safety features provide reliable measurements while prioritizing operator safety.


Indicators are the perfect complement to your weighing systems, offering precision and ease of use. Versatile and user-friendly, these indicators enhance the functionality of various scales, ensuring accurate and efficient readouts.

In-Motion Weighting Scales

In-Motion Scales revolutionize industrial weighing, offering precision measurements for items in transit. Ideal for logistics and manufacturing, they streamline operations, allowing for continuous, accurate weighing without stopping.

Livestock Scales

Livestock Scales provide accurate, stress-free weighing solutions for the agricultural sector. Designed for animal comfort and handler convenience, these scales are essential for effective livestock management and health monitoring.

Tanks/ Hopper Scales

Tank and Hopper Scales offer precise and reliable solutions for bulk material weighing in industries like agriculture and manufacturing. Their robust design and versatility make them ideal for various applications, from storage to processing.

Truck Scales

Unifidecst Truck Scales are the cornerstone of accurate, high-capacity weighing for logistics and transportation industries. Durable and reliable, they are designed to handle heavy loads, ensuring compliance and efficiency in cargo management.

Used Scales

UniFide CST offers expertly refurbished scales, providing a reliable and cost-effective alternative for various industries. Our rigorous refurbishment process ensures each scale performs like new, while reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices.

Weigh Modules & Load Cells

Weigh Modules and Load Cells are essential components for customized weighing systems, offering unmatched precision and versatility. Ideal for industrial applications, they deliver accurate measurements across a wide range of scales.

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