Precision and Durability for Effective Bulk Weighing Solutions

UniFide CST’s Tanks/Hopper Scales are the ultimate solution for industries that require accurate bulk material weighing. These scales are essential in sectors like agriculture, food processing, and manufacturing, providing precise and reliable measurements for inventory management, process control, and compliance.

  • Robust Construction for High-Demand Environments: Our Tanks/Hopper Scales are built to withstand the demands of heavy industrial use. Their robust construction ensures they can handle the rigors of bulk material weighing, providing consistent performance and longevity, even in harsh environments.
  • Precision Weighing for Accurate Inventory and Process Management: Accuracy is crucial in bulk material handling, and our scales deliver this with each measurement. They play a key role in inventory management and process control, ensuring that operations are efficient, compliant, and cost-effective.
  • User-Friendly and Technologically Advanced: Designed with the end-user in mind, UniFide CST Tanks/Hopper Scales feature user-friendly interfaces and advanced technology. This makes them easy to operate and integrate with existing systems, enhancing productivity and reducing operational complexities.
  • Dedicated Support and Long-Term Reliability: With UniFide CST you get more than just a product; you receive a commitment to quality and support. Our Tanks/Hopper Scales come with comprehensive technical support and a robust warranty, ensuring their reliability and performance in your operations for years to come.

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