Truck Scale Automation

Think of your scale as a cash register—a big one, for trucks. If a transaction is made, you need a receipt. And, if you want to save on labor costs, you also need a secure, unattended system that doesn’t require someone to staff the register—like self-checkout. UniFide CST offers a full-integrated automatic kiosk system for drivers to interact with right at the weigh site. By entering their specific identification information, drivers do the work for you, providing accurate and reportable transaction data.

In-Plant Automation

There’s a good chance your plant operation includes at least a few steps that, right now, require human intervention. Maybe it’s a recipe that needs to be measured or a machine that needs to be turned on/off. If you’re ready to make your process more automated, have better reportable data, and save on labor costs, UniFide CST can develop a solution for you. Our technicians can integrate controllers that will drive inputs and outputs for your tank or labeling systems. Your operators will have the benefit of quickly inputting specific product data into an easy-to-use interface, and you’ll have the benefit of technology-driven precision. Stations that were once attended can now be unattended while our customized integration goes to work turning on blending tanks, adding programmed recipes, and weighing and labeling products.

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